What exactly does this bring new?

Hey. Just got my Anytype invite and it looks intereesting. I like the buzzwords on the websites. However, I’m not seeing a lot that I can’t do with obsidian.md . Could someone list some features that are not available/better/more convenient than in obsidian? Would love to understand it a bit better.

The UI is much much nicer, and Anytype has a similar feature to databases (sets).
Also types and relations.

A lot of this can now be implemented in Obsidian, but it’s mostly from plugins and the implementations aren’t nearly as good or hassle-free as the are in Anytype.


Without going into technical details (they are quite different pieces of software), as an Obsidian user, I can tell you that the main difference is the convenience when it comes to security and synchronization of data and, most importantly for me, the way in which that data is stored (Object, Relations…) that allows for database-like features like views (filters, kanbans) etc.


Well first of all, Obsidian is a totally different beast. A tempting one that (for me) often becomes to complicated. Want a database or set, you need a plugin named Dataview or Database Folder. And almost anything requires some form of coding from the used and you can forget about rich text formatting (oke, there are some plugins but they ruin your notes in edit mode).

Anytype at this moment doesn’t bring anything new to the table of notetaking apps… at least not yet when you compare feature to feature. There is nothing in Anytype that you cannot do in another note taking app and that other app probably does it better.

But Anytype as a whole does bring something special, a much requisted offline first Notion-like app! And I believe in the future Anytype will start to become something really special with features you won’t find in other apps, or that Anytype will do best. For example, the layout and card feature for links are very powerful and I hope they extent this feature some more.

So at this moment it is still very much an Alpha product, with a great team behind it that you need to give time to grow and become something new on the market of note taking apps. :wink:


Indeed. Disruption is often a silent killer. At first, for almost everything the disrupter does, market leaders do better. But typically, the disrupter does a few things that the market leader cannot (or will not) do.

Anytype could be the hockey player the puck will come to on the dimension of security and privacy alone; it stands at a security nexus that matters to a few today, but will soon matter to almost everyone in the future.