What are your network configurations?

Hello, Anytypers!

We got a few issues related to uncommon network configurations and topologies that prevent Anytype from being used. Can you please share your network setup and configuration (especially un-common), so we can understand what works and what doesn’t?

The main goal is to help others solving network issues and get all the data for fixing Anytype network bugs.

There is one configuration that seems not working for now:

Openwrt soft routing, using openclash for bypassing

The configuration file setuped to identify BT traffic based on uncommon port numbers to prevent it from going through a proxy. 

More data will be added later

I am currently using Adguard on Windows to block domains parallelly. I have a VPN service that runs on my raspberry pi along with IPFire as a firewall. To date, I have not had any issue with the Anytype service.

With Portmaster Version 0.6.18 for Windows it automatically blocks “api.amplitude.com

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@IndianaRoy It is considered as an analytics api so most ad blockers and firewalls block it by default

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Mobile hotspot (android) WITHOUT internet, notebook (linux) connected to. Not syncing :frowning:


@wemiprog what do you mean, are you using anytype without internet on mobile with hotspot turned on and your notebook is connected to the hotspot and you are trying to sync both devices offline.


I use wireguard VPN in my phone (mullvad) and direct internet connection in my Desktop client (Linux). With this topology I’m experiencing synch issues for all the docs written from my Desktop client.


Desktop->phone: Sync issues

Phone->Desktop: Sync works fine

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IPv4 dns is set to Quad9 ( in router

Blokada vpn is active in mobile

I had syncing issues earlier but it was because of firewall settings.

I removed settings and allowed the necessary ones and

Don’t have any issues so far

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@div3xi exactly this one

Its one of my favorite features but doesn’t yet work

@wemiprog I’d love this feature of anytype as well but doesn’t seem to work for me too. Even if both the devices are in the same network, anytype prefers to sync them through the cafe node? Having them open on the foreground in both the devices and making changes in any of them updates in the other pretty quicky (~ 3-5s). However, if one is down when the changes are made and comes up, it prefers to sync through the cafe node even when the other device is already up in the same local network. Making the sync local in this situation should reduce the delay.

However, I’m not sure if this is the intended behavior, and if not, not sure if this goes as a feature request or a bug fix.

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Anything from the team to this topic?

Android hotspot, desktop client, without internet access?

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The overal delay may be due to the fact that the exchange of info on already existing objects does not occur immediately. When you work offline the app trying to find known peers broadcasting the update request message first, after finding one being online → trying to establish connection for online interactions. And there is a delay between attempts. After that the difference between loading from a backup server and over a local network is minimal


We need to change discovery mechanisms for such network topology, if the research confirms the possibility of that.


@Vova Thx for your reply, do you already know when you will be working on this (discovery mechanism?)

If not possible, Id be ready to manually type in the IP once per network (or after a IP change), main thing for me is that it works :slight_smile:

Well, i want to use it on my work computer as well and i’m allowed to install stuff but i need to set proxy. I made already a post but it seems nobody has/wants to use anytype at work :smiley: https://community.anytype.io/t/-/2242


@natrius just backed-up your request.
Also, with regards to this topic, my work computer is behind a GlobalProtect VPN that prevents the sync from happening. I don’t know how to be more specific on this, as I am definitely not a expert of networks