What are you listening to lately?

Hey everyone, I thought I’d start up one of those classic “What are you listening to?” music sharing threads. I figure the Anytype community is diverse, passionate, and clearly has good taste, so hopefully this thread will surface some new discoveries for many of us! :notes: :sparkles:

My music taste is kind of all over the map, from classic rock to ambient to (semi-)mainstream pop, grunge and rock, jazz and blues, and many more. I hope to add to this thread later, but here are a few I’ve been enjoying lately that I thought I’d start with.

First and most recently, this absolute jam from Perfume Genius.

And for working, I recently found Lofi Girl, hardly obscure, but for me so good for keeping in the background while I get stuff done. This is one never-ending stream, but there are also short-from albums that are released regularly with similar stuff.

Then there’s Son Little, who has a unique blues-rock sound and an unusual voice that I really enjoy, from the more subdued to the more intense in his range. Here’s a whole album, streaming in YT.

And finally, sharing some similarities to Son Little in his quieter moments, I recently discovered this Tiny Desk show from Joy Oladokun, who has quite a beautiful voice. Maybe not everyone’s tastes, but I hope some of you connect with this one like I did.

So, what are you listening to lately?


Thank you @Oshyan
The dancing performance of Perfume Genius video clip was artistically pleasing.
Except for Lofi Girl that was not really made for pleasure, more for focusing, I’ve discover and really enjoyed all your recommendation, especially Joy Oladokun! :pray:t2:

So here is my turn, this music seems to come from another time, but was actually recently released. The music band twisting this genre with a sulphuric folklore. Do not rely on the cover, really.

Here is a cosmic one from France that I can’t help but listen to again and again.

I hope you’ll enjoy too.


Oh, that’s fun! Definitely has that retro sound, you’d never know it was modern. Reminds me a bit of Shannon and the Clams, who are a local band (to where I am in the San Francisco area) that I really enjoy as well.

Sharing music with videos can be a whole different vibe, hah. In most cases I’ve never watched these videos as I just use a streaming music service, so I’m discovering things in the sharing too. Sometimes it makes the song feel very different!

This is also great, that sultry voice. Nice picks! I see you also have eclectic taste. :blush:


So here are my picks for “what are you listening to” :slight_smile:

Recently I listened a lot to Duster, their songs always play in tune with my mood, a bit dreamy, a bit sad.

Also I am a fan of Dean Blunt, you can check his other stuff like Babyfather or Hype Williams, a lot of synths and strange samples

If you are up to some dub - check out Scientist. He has a ton of different albums all of which are cool, you most probably heard him if you played GTA 3 (K-Jah radio)

Recently was impressed by this album - Space Afrika (Honest Labour)

Some Russian contemporary electronic music. Also really recommend checking https://gostzvuk.bandcamp.com, you’ll find many interesting artists there which you have never heard about (probably)

And finally this album is very dear to my heart


Something related to what Anytype is concerned with:


Been listening to Disney’s Encanto songs lately :joy:


A little Russian music in your feed for a change )


Nice! Love the recent shares everyone. I’ll try to jump back in here with some more of mine soon. But I’m relying on you to keep my playlists eclectic and get some non-US music in there! :fire:

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With the kids (toddler and baby) at home as daycare is closed due to covid this is what is on repeat these days:

My apologies in advance if you have this song stuck I your mind for the rest of the day :sweat_smile:

I’m dumping a few here, but these are some favorites that I’ve run into in the last year. Songs and artists I’ll be listening to for the long run. All in no particular order:

These guys, and the Scary Pockets, make some really fun funky covers of all sorts of songs.

Benny sings is something else. I didn’t really like his sound at first, but lately he’s almost all I’ve been listening to. Explore around if you’re into him. Lots of good stuff.

Khruangbin has a special place in my heart. I found them at the right time, and I can’t believe how good they sound to me. Just perfect, every track.

Lianne La Havas has a beautiful voice and her compositions are super tight. Love everything about this song, and this album is great too. I haven’t dove into her other stuff too much yet.

I’m gonna sell this poorly, but Hiatus Kaiyote is a hit or miss group for me. When they hit though (and most of them do) it’s out of this world good.

Smooth vocals, and just plain fun.

Last one, I promise :wink:
BADBADNOTGOOD’s band name is a lie. They’re pretty good. They can get a little too rowdy with the improvisations sometimes, but they hit the mark so frequently. In this song, when you’re following the flow if it, about half way through the horns pop up, and it’s just so wild. Good stuff.


I love this song from Perfume Genius. First heard it (and of Perfume Genius) from my absolute favorite episode of Suits, Season 5 Episode 10 “Faith”.


Awesome, thanks for the recommendations! I’ll start with a new favorites of my own, then respond to some of your great discoveries. :slight_smile:

Another mellow jam with stunning, gossamer vocals. Begonia is one of my favorite underrated artists. Saw her in a tiny club in SF shortly before the pandemic started, just amazing.

Shifting gears a bit, some hauntingly gorgeous vocals, with lyrics based on a form of traditional Pakistani poem I believe. Didn’t realize she was nominated for a Grammy for this until just now, so chances are some of you may have heard this one. :smile:

Recent amazing work from James Blake, who is an old favorite for sure.

And finally I’ll end with this sweet, classic jam.

Hah! So evil. Anyway, I’d prefer a version with real instruments. :wink:

Oh yes, I love Pomplamoose! Pretty sure they’re local to me, somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. I saw them live a couple years ago and they were awesome. :blush:

Oh, I dig this! Will definitely explore more, thank you!

Agree, they’re great. Good music for a party, too. Funky and fun, but not overbearing or distracting.

Oh yeah, she’s definitely on my recent favs list! “Green & Gold” and “Ghost” are two other great ones (both off an earlier album “Blood”). Would love to see her live.

Interesting! I was familiar with this one, but haven’t checked out any of their other stuff. Will do!

On this you are correct! :grin:

Overall I loved your recommendations @jerryatric, and especially the details you gave on what you connected with for each song or artist. Lots of good grooves and jams in there! :sparkling_heart:

Yeah, another great one, and such an interesting contrast to the one I first posted.

Thanks again for sharing everyone! Keep it coming. Your favorite new jam, your contemplative background music for work or exercise or whatnot, old classics, anything goes! :notes::musical_note: :musical_note:

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I am addicted to main stream HipHop mostly. Love watching freestyles.


Freestyling is such an amazing skill. :fire: Content warning for language, etc. though. :sweat_smile:

Here’s another recent one from further afield (touching on more of a country vibe this time). My music taste is somewhat broad, but there isn’t a lot of country I love. This is a good one, with some fun, funky organ (?) sounds.

And a bit of the type of rap mashup I gravitate toward:

And one more, an old favorite:

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I usually listen to all music, but if I had to choose my favourite genres I’d say electro, folk and rock music. Very different genres, I know lol. I also like to listen to instrumental music, since artists have to rely purely on melody in order to convey story and emotions. This type of music could be either bad or awesome, nothing in-between.

So I’ve been playing Just Dance recently and because of that wonderful game I’ve stumbled upon a great song. It is folklore-ish. Not sure how to describe it, but it is very pleasant to listen to.

Now let’s continue with folk music but add some rock to it!

Alright, it’s time for some classical guitar and a lot of momentum. I hope you have learned rumba, because it’s time to dance!

I haven’t shown any electro music yet, but I think that’s enough for this time.

PS. Not sure how to make the links appear as Youtube windows ¯\(ツ)

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Awesome stuff, thanks for sharing! I really dug ZENIT and the Flamenco Guitar in particular. There was a flamenco guitar tape that got a lot of use in my house as a child actually (not for any personal cultural reason, I guess my family just liked it :grin:).

If you just paste the link right into the forum post editor on its own line it should show up. I’m not sure if you were using the Link button or Ctrl-K perhaps, but yeah you just paste the link itself and then it pulls all the needed info from YT directly. I’ve fixed it in your post above.

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Digging on Jimmy McGriff today, check it out!

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not sure if anyone here is into French pop but I’ve been listening to Stromae’s new album, Multitude, a lot lately

and also Ta Reine by Angèle

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You know, I only had a taste of it a little while ago from a friend: Stromae’s “Tous Les Mêmes”. But this is a good opportunity to dig into it more and so far I like! Angèle is fun, for sure.

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Tous Les Mêmes was the second song I heard from him. Most people find out about him through Papaoutai

That also happened to be the first French song whose lyrics I learned :joy:

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