What am i doing wrong?


I hope someone can tell me what i’m doing wrong:
I have 2 types/sets) namely content-idea and games
In the content-idea-type i’ve create a relation to the games-type.


When i create create a an object in conent-idea i should be able to create an object in the games-type.

For example:

March 21st is ‘World Downsyndrome day’ ; If i create a the object ‘5 great games that can be played with young children with Downsyndrome’ i would should be able to create 5 game-object from within this content-idea object.


If i first create games objects in the i can select one or more games (objects) when creating a content-idea (object).

However, when i create a games (object) from within the content-idea(object) and switch over to the games-objects the newly created game object doesn’t show the lists of relations beloning to a games object.

Am i doing something wrong or is this a bug ?

Thank you.


P.S. Best wishes for 2022

If possible, Can you add a video recording of the issue as well?

@lynxlove Please except my apolgies for not replying sooner. Due to personal circumstances i did not reply yet.

I do not have video recording yet, but i can think i can more clarify my question:
I sell educational boardgames. I have created various types (boardgames, issue calendar, content ideas).
An issue is for example ’ april 14th - world scrabble day’. An content idea could be ‘5 great alternative abstract stratregy games for people who hate scrabble’.

Whin in the type ‘isuues’ is a link to the type ‘spellen’
Whith the type ‘issue’ how must i define the type 'spellen ? As a 'blan’k object (photo-1) or linked to the object ‘spellen’ (photo-2).

If it is the latter and i create a games in the issue opject the newly created game is not ‘formatted’ as the game templated i created.

If it is still not clear i will create a video.

Thanks for your help

Could you share a print screen of the object type “Spellen” you created? You can find that by either opening any object of that type and then clicking on the object type name > Open Type:

Alternatively, you can open the LIbrary:

And then look for your custom Object type.

Once you have opened your custom Type, please check the “relation” section to see what relations are linked to your object type (marked with the red 1. in my print screen below).

If you do not see the Relation(s) you created for your custom Object Type, please add them there using “+ New”. From that menu you can either choose to add an existing Relation or create a new Relation from scratch.

Once all your relations are linked to your Object Type, we need to make sure Anytype knows where to show these when you create a new Object of this Type. You can do this by creating (if not yet existing) or opening the Template(s) for your Object Type. See the red 2. in my print screen below. If there is none yet, please create a new Template with the “+ New” button as marked with a red 3.

You can edit your Template just like any other Object by adding relations and (default) texts. Once done, just close the Template and create a new Object from your Object Type. It should now have the Relations as you defined in your Template :slight_smile:

@lynxlove could you double check whether my explanation is correct :slight_smile:

I think @vincentdenkspel is talking about this issue

Where creating an object from a relation creates an empty one without asking for the user to select a template :thinking:


Please find enclosed screenshots and a video.
Thank you for your help !

The video can be viewed at Box

Thank you.

That is exactly the problem.
I didn’t now if this/was deliberate choice or bug.
If it is a bug than except my apologis for taking your time !

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Great! I’ll close this topic in favour of the one @lynxlove linked. It seems to be in the Feature Request category but I see some bug reports are merged into that topic too, so I guess it is somewhere in between :wink: