Welcome aboard

Hello there!

First, thank you for being here. We constantly meet people who tell us that no-one really cares about privacy. That the products from Silicon Valley are good enough. Why bother point trying something different? We’ll never find an audience.

Well, there are over 10,000 of us now, and we are only getting started!

This is what keeps us going. It reminds us why we’re building Anytype in the first place. Anytype would not be what it is without its community.

We’ve been thinking really hard about what’s next for the community, and how it can grow without diluting what makes it so great in the first place.

Right now, we have about a thousand people in our telegram channel and many times that in the waiting list. As we open the alpha, and eventually the beta, we anticipate both of these channels growing exponentially.

This board — [https://community.anytype.io](https://community.anytype.io) — is our first step. It will be a valuable resource for features, feedback and support. This board is also a place for you to do what you do best: discuss the future of the web and building your very own digital brain.

We hope this board will complement our already-tremendous community while providing new users with the opportunity to learn more about Anytype.

Really looking forward to continuing the conversation with you all.

– Anytype Team