Weird bug of blocks always loading

I don’t know if this is bug is experienced by others but 5 blocks are always constantly loading. They don’t have actionable menu. I can’t archive them . Similar thing is observed in mobile device too o9zbqjftm0.mp4


Windows 10 20H2

Anytype version 0.18.28

Steps to reproduce:

I don’t know exactly


Same here, except it’s only 1 that’s constantly loading.

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@Tanzeel098 I’ve seen this before on an older version when there were issues with my connection to the backup node / other devices. In my case the app knew the data was there but was not syncing successfully. A day or so and a few reboots later resolved it that time and I have not seen it since.

Is is still happening 12hrs later?

@jayenicks Yeah still facing the issue. I tried rebooting many times but still have the issue

@Tanzeel098 Hi! Sorry for the long answer. Do you have this problem now?

@Kirill_Lem No I don’t. Actually there was some issue with firewall.

I reset the firewall permissions and gave anytype the necessary ones and since then I don’t have that issue !

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@Tanzeel098 Great!

I was thinking that this bug has resurfaced since the last update, but thanks to @sahilstudio it appears that this a new kind of bug related to the sidebar!

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