Weird behaviour when selecting a text and pressing Enter

Describe the bug

Words/Sentences are getting duplicated or missing when selecting it with Ctrl + A and pressing Enter on newly/old created object.

To Reproduce

  • Create a new Object
  • Type Some words, 2/3 words should be fine.
  • Now Select all the words in the block by pressing Ctrl + A
  • Now Press Enter
  • Either the All the words got Duplicated or Half the words are missing
  • Video File Attached

Expected behaviour

When selecting words and pressing Enter, it should make a new blank line. Like in other editors i.e. VS Code, Atom, etc.

System Information:

OS => Ubuntu 21.04

Anytype Version => 0.18.68

Bug Video : bug.mp4

Expected behaviour Video:expected-behaviour.mp4


Same for me.

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Happens for me too… Sometimes I can’t even paste the sentence.@Vova can we add this to bug tracker? because its annoying when this happens.

Please fix this.

@badfreaker we will check this out, thanks!