Webdesign anytype.io - invisible texts under blending light

Why are there these disturbing blending lights on anytype.io?
For me, using the dark mode, it’s impossible to recognize that there are texts unter the blending lights which come from the side.

Only after selecting all I can see and read the text in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen:

I suggest the webdesign team should test the website in dark mode.

The Anytype website doesn’t have dark mode.
I can see from your screenshot that you are using The Dark Reader extension which quite often ends up with these kinds of issues in my experience.

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Yes I use the Dark Reader.
There are many Addons like this. I use it all the time, it works mostly very good.
In the rare cases where it causes problems, I switch off the dark mode (e.g. on Kroki).

But I don’t think it’s the extensions like Dark Reader to blame. It’s the design of the website in question, which hasn’t taken into account that many users use such extensions these days.

It is now well known that the blue light contained in white light is bad for the eyes.
Dark mode significantly reduces this strain.
In my opinion, a good web design should take into account that many users today prefer this mode and therefore use such extensions.

The dazzling lights do not fulfill any real purpose on the website. It should be no problem to configure them more discreetly, or simply leave them out altogether.

(Personally, I don’t care because I know the content of the website anyway. But I’m thinking of new users. I want to help to promote.)

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Sure, makes sense. I’ll forward the feedback to our website team.


@Code-Jack does the same thing happen here?

A bit. It happens on Notion’s website with some of the pics. But at least I can recognize that they are there (and temporarily switch off the dark mode to see them).
Also the Headings on top there could have a bit more contrast, but they are readable.

In sum Notion’s site is better than Anytype’s in dark mode.
Not perfect, but a bit better.

On Anytype’s site are some parts of the texts completely invisible in dark mode.
Some other parts are only half visible.

There are many dark mode Addons/extensions free available for all browsers.
I suggest the webdesign members should install one.


But also hold in mind that color perception is also a topic for some users.
Older people often have problems with low contrast, especially when color is involved.
I’m 56 and I have the problem with the Tags in Anytype. Their contrast is way to low for me, I can’t use some of the colors.
No glasses can help against it, because the problem is not the sharpness, it’s the contrast.
Same problem with the thin hair lines in Anytype’s Graph View. They’re almost not recognizable.

What really good works for me is the forum.

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To briefly expand on this topic:
Who on earth came up with the idea of using only different shades or intensities of the same color for text and background?

The problem for people with weak eyes wouldn’t exist if complementary colors were used, for a much better contrast.

Same thing with the thin hair lines in the Graph.
A brighter grey on a darker grey background … :frowning:
Much too low contrast!

It would help to increase the contrast, yes.
But the best solution would be if the user could configure the colors the way as prefered by hin/her.

Think: Some people can’t tell the difference between red and green.
It wouldn’t help them to have red text on a green background (in Tags).
For me it would be a very good contrast! But not for them.

Edit for a supplement:
And because sometimes several people work on the same PC, it should be possible to save several color profiles.
Anytype should be delivered with a predefined and unchangeable color scheme.
But the user should be able to create and save a new color scheme. Another user on the same PC can then create another one and save it under another name.