Wall paper Image compression

Describe the bug

When choosing custom wallpaper, the image appears compressed. The home screen result seem to lack clarity - image resolution and colour contrast. A 6K resolution original image looks like 720P image on the display. Straight line appears blurry, colour and finer details are lost etc

See screenshot. Front image is open in apple preview, back image is anytype.

For the test, I uploaded a few 4K and 6K image consist of different subject and colour tonal range. My output monitor is the MacBook pro 15 inch, I also tested the 27 inch 5K ultra fine display. The result are the same. Relative size next to each other, the original image opened in apple preview appear way clear than the anytype.
To Reproduce:

    1. Choose any custom wallpaper
    1. Open the same image in apple preview, scale the image to relative size and compare side by side to see the difference.

Expected behavior:

A true 1:1 image to the original file


Macbook Pro 15.4inch

Apple, LG 5K Ultra fine external monitor

OS: MacOS Big Sur 11.1

Version: Desktop 0.17.2

Thank you! let me know if this can be addressed.


@Mrjackykao Thanks for reporting! We have added the original image file alongside a compressed version, but the update has not been released yet. I will​ keep you updated on​ this thread.

@requilence can this be marked as solved?