VPN while using Anytype issues

Describe the bug

While using a VPN I experienced a view bugs/problems.

Sometimes Anytype does stop “working”, it’s like it doesn’t recognize the internet connection but instead of working offline it stops saving any changes. For example, I passed a bookmark and the thumbnail won’t show up. Or I change the “filter” in sets and it doesn’t update the results. And when I close Anytype and reopen it, it hasn’t saved my work at all, like It’s forced to work just with internet while it doesn’t can use it so nothing is getting saved. In the screenshot you can see when I go to my home screen while this bug appears it won’t load anything.

To Reproduce

    1. Use VPN on Windows
    1. Work in Anytype and wait until it stops “working”

Expected behavior

I would love to use Anytype with VPN without any issues because I am often use the internet browser while working with Anytype.

System Information:

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Anytype Version: 0.20.9

@XxxBalCion HI! How much time does it take before the app stops saving changes? I was trying to repeat for half an hour and didn’t reproduce this. If you catch this condition again, please, do object diagnostics ( Anytype left upper corner menu/File/Object diagnostics) and send log here, we will investigate it.

I am not sure. It happened suddenly and then every 5min or something after I restarted Anytype. Though I hadnt any kind of issues recently again. If it will happen again I will send the diagnostic data. Today I was logged out after I couldnt logged in but I am not sure it has any relation to using a VPN.

Do you have Anytype opened twice or in two different session? If not check that you don’t have a processus still in the background claiming that port.

I’ve seen this error message when I had two sessions opened on windows with Anytype.

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Haven’t checked that last time, but thanks for the hind.

Since I haven’t experienced this problem again I mark it as solved.