Visual indicator between emptied and filled toggles

The problem
Currently there is no way to identify if a Toogle is full or empty without opening it and in my opinion this is problematic.

The solution
Distinguish the Toggle states with empty and filled arrows. Here is an example of what’s need to be done in my opinion.


Indicate by myself if the Toggle is filled or not, but this is not a satisfactory solution.


Love the solution :ok_hand: Subtle yet useful

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Thank you @lynxlove

Fun fact: I had made the exact same suggestion to Notion’s team during their early development and they have integrated it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


+1 Good solution too.

To me, even better would be if instead of having toggles as an explicit type of block, the behaviour would simply be there for any nested blocks. So there would never really be an “empty toggle”…

That’s how RemNote does it. It’s very intuitive, simple and powerful.

I am torn by this approach. In theory it’s very practical but in reality I’ve always found this kind of visual hierarchy far too invasive and disturbing.

A note-taking tool should try to be as unobtrusive as possible to invite writing and allow you to quickly spot the distinctive elements.

I’m afraid that programs like RemNote or Dashword are visually too confusing.

If an outlining navigation as to take place someday, I think that the visual approach of Workflowy would make more sense.

What do you mean by “visual hierarchy”?

By nesting I mean just having children indented.
Like it is in RemNote, Workflowy and Anytype.

Example in RemNote:

What specifically do you find visually confusing in RemNote? It can indeed get quite busy depending on what type of content you have (especially with the spaced repetition features). But it’s all optional. Even bullet points can be removed/hidden (or styled via CSS).

I mean the Outliner ones. One of a kind in the note-taking world, just not well designed enough yet for me.

This vertical lines which shows the indentation levels. Is this also customizable?

Can be hidden or adjusted via css, as everything else (there also might be an option in settings to hide it).

I agree those lines can get busy though. Not everyone might need them.

Clicking them collapses that level, which can be very useful when the parent isn’t visible on screen.

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This level of customization is impressive.

I am very interested by this, it would be very useful!

Would you like to propose a feature request for this? If so, it would be useful to screen record the current feature from RemNote, can you do that?

I would add that in my opinion this feature would be desirable at Anytype if the vertical lines were only visible on mouseover.