Visual collaboration board like Miro

Question: Is it possible to merge the Miro Online Board Collaboration facility in Anytype?

Solution: Like Anytype there is one more software naming Affine, Which is able to provide this facility but that is a Web-based solution. You can check out this using this link/ AFFiNE - All In One Workos

They literally merge features of Miro, Notion & Monday platforms to provide this facility. You can better understand by visiting their website, It is also under development.

I need this feature because I want to collaborate my notes using Mind Map and to relate each note topic with others and create a better understanding. I desperately want to use Mind Maps on Anytype.

I hope you understand what I want to say.

Alternative Available : Affine AFFiNE - All In One Workos
Go to their second feature note (Shape your page) to know more. basically I want to create notes over a whiteboard or you can provide a facility to create a note anywhere like over the White Board.
I have attached images related this feature.

Final words from me, If it looks like a funny thing then forget about this facility to add. you all are creators, you better understand what needs to create an awesome interface of Anytype.


Hi @veer.shi143 Great idea but there are no plans for now on this. Later it may be possible but not this year for sure :nerd_face:

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Although slightly different, integration with excalidraw would be awesome as mentioned here

And here

And here