“View source” of a document - HTML writing support

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
If I write HTML tags in Anytype, they are not recognized. I think that Anytype should be based on basic text files, hence using basic Markdown/HTML writing to style content.

Describe the solution you’d like
Being able to write in pure HTML and knowing Anytype will recognize it. For example, I should be able to use the <time> tag to set a date Nov, 3rd, 2021. Also, I used the <sup> tag for “rd”. These two, as well as all of the other existing HTML tags, should be recognized and available for the user.
Furthermore, as the title suggests, I should be able to have an option to view the “raw source” of text files, in HTML or Markdown, before necessarily having to export them.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Being limited to Rich Text options given by Anytype, so that if for instance I want to write a <blockquote> I am forced to use the “highlight” option, instead.

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