View relationship values with clickable values


Have a list of tags in the sidebar to quickly display objects with that tag.
More generally: Have a list of a relation’s unique values in the menu, with one click displaying the list of objects with that value.



  • on relation, as least for tag type, add a view of all possible values
  • clicking on a value displays a view of all objects with that value (a set or a collection with a filter?)
  • Make this menu available as a widget in the sidebar


Be able to find your notes very easily, as Evernote currently offers.
This provides great flexibility:

  • I want to see all my temporary notes?
  • All my “meal ideas” notes (recipes, loose notes, photos of restaurant menus, etc.).
  • All my notes on books, whether in a “Bibiothèque” set or loose elsewhere, or…
  • All my Computer notes? Development? Travel? John Doe-related?
    If each item is marked, click on the corresponding tag in the menu and voilà! A nice list of matching items, in just 1 click!

If you don’t like tag (why not…), imagine what we can do if possible with dates (yes, a direct link for all objects mak with the coming days). Or with Author (the list of all "insert a author name’s books in one click). Etc


Depending on what’s “sticking”…

  • be able to display only one relation of a set/collection (i.e. without the name currently imposed) and be able to group (so that each tag is displayed only once)
  • a list of search links (search for all objects with this tag), to be done manually. Very laborious and not currently feasible


If you dig around a bit, you’ll find out that relation options are already treated as objects in Anytype. Currently when you open them, you just get an empty inline set. Maybe in the not so distant future, these’’ become useful and then you’ll be able to use them in sets.

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I believe you can achieve this with the current tool set of Anytype :thinking:. Of the top of my head, you can create a set with any relation you want including tags :thinking:, right? So, imagine you can create a set for your tag relation. Then, you can customize your views of that set to be specific for each tag with filters. Then you can add this set to your sidebar as a widget. This way, you can have a widget, that you can choose to show all the objects with that specific tags and cycle between them with different views.

Also, if you prefer not to create multiple views since maybe you have too many tags, you can create different sets and only query one specific tag in it like “inbox” and further customize your view with other filters and relations. Then you can add all these sets to a collection, and add that collection to your sidebar. This way, you can click on each set to go directly to all the objects with that specific tag.

Hope this helps :blush:

Yeah, but all of that needs to be done manually. I’m pretty sure that the OP would love all of this to be done automatically, so that you would just need to click on a tag and that’s it.

Currently, the alternative to managing lots of notes and lots of “dynamic” tags for these notes efficiently is to do it in another tool :wink:.
But it’s a work in progress, as glimpsed at the last town hall

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