View filter that shows only objects from a Set that share the same Creation Date as the page that contains it?

Hello! I’m new to Anytype, coming from Notion. I love it so far! I just have one question.

For context: I’m trying to set up a Relation that represents a Journal Entry. I have set up the “Journal Page” Type in my Library and I’ve made a template that contains a View of the “Dreams” Set that contains objects of the “Dream” type.

Is there a way to make this View only show “Dream” objects that relate to the specific “Journal Page”? I thought I might be able to set up a View filter for the Set that would show only objects with the same “Creation Date” as the Journal Entry, but I can’t figure it out.

My ideal outcome would be that when I create a new Journal Page, I have a view from which it is easy to create new “Dream” objects that automatically relate to the “Journal Page” (either directly related or by sharing the same Creation Date), and that when I return to that Journal Entry at any date in the future I’d be able to see the “Dream” objects I’d logged specifically for that date. As such, I can’t just use the typical “Date is today” filter, because if I ever returned to that Journal Page at a future date, the View would show Dream objects from the current date rather than the previous date it was intended for.

The following screenshot is the best way I’ve figured out how to do it so far.

It works pretty well, but it requires me setting the filter for every such View every time I make a new Journal Page. I have 4 such views per Journal Page, and each view requires at least 5 clicks to prepare, so it requires at least 20 clicks in total to prepare all of them before I start making entries for the day. It’s also prone to human error.

Basically I would love if the “Linked Journal Page” filter had a “This [Journal Page]” option OR if that’s not possible, to be able to make a filter for the View that is essentially “Creation Date is same as Linked Journal Page’s Creation Date” or something like that.

I hope this makes sense. Any help is much appreciated!

Not possible.

Thanks for the response. Unfortunate! I have upvoted the linked Feature Request and will cross my fingers that this feature gets implemented at some time in the future.

If there is another way to achieve the same thing I am describing, please let me know. Thanks again.

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