Video Rental Model

Hey all!

Just got Anytype downloaded today and have been messing around with it.

Quick background to my question:
I have a huge collection of VHS tapes, and my friends like to use it like an old fashioned Video Rental store. I’ve been trying to figure out a software solution to this for a while now, and am trying to see if I can rig something up in Anytype to work.

So first I created a set full of modified movie objects that contain additional details like an item ID number, a status of “rented out” vs. “in stock,” and a “Rented By” relation to show who currently has it in their possession.

I then created a customer set with modified human entries that contain contact info, a customer ID, and a “Currently Renting” relation that can store the movie objects that they have at the moment.

So each movie can store who has it, and each customer can store what they have…which is more than I had before! But ideally i need a way to not have to manually touch both halves of the equation and have them happen in a single action.

Drawing a bit of inspiration from the SQL relational database world, I thought perhaps I could make a third set containing invoice objects to serve as a sales ledger. The hope being that as one fills out the invoice object, it updates the customer and movie relations automatically. I can’t seem to figure it out. Is such a thing even possible?

Thanks so much!

I’ll assume from the silence that this is not something that can be done in anytype?

At this moment it is not possible and it has to be done manually.

For now I would just add the person who rented a movie to that movie. Then just filter on that person in the movie set view.

So you don’t have to edit in two places.

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I love this post by the way. Not only you collect VHS tapes, but you have many friends that also own VCR players - so many, in fact, you need a database to keep track of them!