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I started this topic on the Telegram group, then someone suggested me to post here.

It’s quite simple: a tool to control video playback speed, as to increase the speed (2x).

I came across this necessity because I’m studying a new language and using Anytype as a log for everything.

Some videos have scenes in which the dialogues are very slowly. When watching for the first time it’s quite ok, but then when one needs to watch a couple more times as reference… it gets a bit boring, inconvenient, cumbersome, loathsome, etc…, you name it.

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I plan on using AnyType as my main app for class notes, besides writing everything down I record the class and upload the video. In case I need to rewatch said video I always watch it in at least x1.5 speed, currently AnyType doesn’t support changing the playback speed so i have to download the file and play it in my current player (IINA), so thats my feature request, the ability to change the playback speed

Playback speeds
In my specific use case i always vary from x1.25, x1.5, x1.75, x2.0 speeds.

Downloading the file and playing it in my own video player.
Another alternative
My current player is IINA, it has the ability to play a video from its URL, currently AnyType doesnt give me a URL for the video I uploaded, if this is a feature for the future this can also be used for playing the video externally.

Solution I’d like
Having the native player in AnyType be able to change playback speeds.

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