Very Important Table Upgrades

I used the table function and I was trapped. Here is a little list of features that should definitely be implemented with time. But for the moment, I’m still glad we have a simple table view at least of course!



There are no commands yet within a table. I only can add object.

  • Less important but the middle align style isn’t correct calibrated
    Screenshot 2022-09-28 233437

I hope its fine to gather all points within a single feature request. I will keep the list updated should anything be implemented.

The main issues are

  • once content is in each row, it is literally stuck there. No options to multi select to move, copy them or edit them. (besides of moving, deleting, editing whole rows)
  • no commands for checkboxes, toggles blocks etc.

Additional bug

  • it is not possible to delete an added object (bookmark, in that case) sometimes

Windows 11 0.28.17 - beta

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:fire: @XxxBalCion :fire:
Thanks for this robust feedback. We will address this issues in the next desktop tables iteration
From now on you can link an object inside using @-mention

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Thats great thanks for letting me know!

I added an object like you mentioned, but I couldn’t delete it afterwards. (Only sometimes)

Can you attach a screen capture please?

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Its already added to post itself at the top

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