V0.24.0 not working

Describe the bug
Cannot run Anytype v0.24.0

To Reproduce
Was running 0.18.58. Uninstalled. Installed 0.24.0. Attempted to log in using keychain phrase.

Expected behavior
Anytype lets me log in :slight_smile:

System Information:

  • Windows 10

Did you tried several times or just one?

Several times. Same outcome each time.

Clear anytype folder where is it storing the files. And try it with a fresh install

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Well, I uninstalled the previous version, so I thought it was a fresh install. You’re suggesting deleting the Anytype folder completely?

You still have to delete it properly, through the Windows settings, but after that go to:

C:\Users\ YOUR_WINDOWS_ID \AppData\Roaming

and delete this folder: anytype2

Uninstalled. Deleted anytype2 folder. Reinstalled.
Similar error message:

Uninstalled. Rebooted, Deleted folder. Reinstalled. Attempted log in with keychain.
Different error message:

Ok it seems serious, please follow @Vova’s intructions which can be found here:

Also consider providing a link to your own topic in the email you send them as your error messages and tests can be very useful to them.

Hope you’ll get back on track soon!

Hey @ChrisG Were you able to login into your Anytype account?

Could you please download new version from download.anytype.io and try again?

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