Using the invitation code multiple times

Recently I had an issue which made me sign up again, I was wondering if theres a usage limit for the invitation code, and if theres not how does Anytype team stop people from sharing their codes with other people or is it allowed? cuz at that point people could sell their codes for small price to thers to use the software.

Don’t know if this applies to every code, but the last time I asked, it can be used for up to 5 times.

The welcome email says,

Your invite code is valid for five uses, so spread the love and share it with a friend who might benefit from Anytype! (You’ll each receive a unique encryption key upon signup.)


Thanks Kerstie

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We’re actually removing the invite system altogether in a few months. After that, anyone can download Anytype from our website and use it right away!

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Yea I read something regard that in a different thread, how long will it take for anytype to become a paid software?

The bare-bones software will always be free, premium features will come as part of a subscription. We’re still fleshing it all out, so I can’t say exactly how it will look or when it will be offered. We hope it will be this year, but there’s a lot of work ahead, so it’s a bit of a waiting game at the moment :face_with_peeking_eye::hourglass_flowing_sand:


Hopefully it will become better than the other platform I left :smirk:
Its lovely to be a part from the alpha testers so I could enjoy this art piece before its officially launched :grin:

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First of all, thank you for your great work and this beautiful community.
I’m highly motivated, you know, In all beginnings dwells a magic force :wink:

I still have a few questions about the invite code and I’ll just take part in this thread if that’s okay.

  1. Is my invite code linked to my email address in your internal database or is it more of an independent “standalone voucher” counting down.
  2. As an alpha tester, I am happy to be able to enjoy some “benefits” - thank you for that - is it important to use a profile with a (now) activated invite code in the future or is this organized differently, for example via the email address registered here/during onboarding?
  3. If I pass the code to my buddies, will they also be able to enjoy the benefits or would they also have to register here or participate in onboarding?

Thanks and regards


Hi and welcome to the Community @viezlimo, we’re happy to have you!

During the tester program, yes your email address is linked to the invite code, but how else could we deliver it to you after your voluntary sign up?

After sending the invite, we don’t do anything with it other than send the occasional newsletter about updates and new features, which you can unsubscribe from. Your info is safe and we aren’t engaged in any 3rd party adverts, promotions, or the like.

Once we open to the public, all follow up info from us will be optional from the very start. We just don’t have the processes in place to do it now.
We needed it this way so we can try to gather some insight and feedback about our app from our testers, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to improve Anytype at all, that’s kind of the deal we have with the Alpha program.

As I pointed out above, we do retain a CRM of all invited testers, this would be the primary way to enjoy any potential benefits going forward. However, if that’s not of interest to you, the email you signed up with can be removed from our CRM upon request, just message You can also delete your profile inside the app Settings>Account & Data>Delete Account

No, they would be linked to your email, so in the case of using your code, the easiest way they could evidence they were an Alpha Tester, would be to register here on the Community Forums. Anyone who signs up during our Tester Program is assigned to the Alpha group.

Yes, attend an onboarding, or write and request an invite code.

I want to stress that no one’s account here in the Community, is linked to their Anytype profiles. In fact, nothing is linked to the internal details of your profile. We can’t see anything, not your name, nor any content you create there.

Anytype is 100% encrypted :lock::bust_in_silhouette::chains::globe_with_meridians::lock:


Hi @Angelo, thank you for the welcome and the detailed information.

You answered every question I had to my complete satisfaction and beyond. Personally I have no problem with privacy and my email address in your hand, however the process is much clearer to me now.

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