Using problem

During use, the screenshot of the computer cannot be pasted directly.

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Hello @msks
I think you meant to post a Bug Report but I’m not sure because it’s not clear to me what you’d like to do.

Please fill out the provided templates and describe your situation with as much info as you can, so we can properly assist you.

Report any Bugs in the Bugs Reports category, and submit additional features you’d like to see implemented in the Feature Requests category.

If you’re trying to add an image file to a page you can do so with the slash command: /picture

See below:

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Hey @msks, welcome to the forum. There isn’t any information we can use to help you in your post.
Which OS? Which Anytype version? What tool do you use for screenshots? I guess you mean pasting from the clipboard?
Is there an error?

Could you maybe make a video of the problem?

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This is the problem I want to solve, if this software wants to have a certain dominance in this field, it should have this kind of function, thank you for your reply, thank you.

Hey, pasting an image works fine on my side.
Thank you for the video. The info I asked for above is still missing, though.


In Windows operating system, if you use the built-in screenshot function, that is to say, press “Win + Shift + S” to take a screenshot, you cannot paste it to AnyType with “CTRL + V”, can you understand what I mean?
Thanks again for your reply.

Looks like this issue:

Edit: whoops, something went wrong with pasting… Attempt 2:

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