Using images as icons with transparent background

When you upload image as a page icon, there appears to be a white/gray background, which can’t be removed:

I’d like to have an ability to remove it and just leave the image as-is.

Or, even better, also an ability to choose it’s shape (right now if you use emoji - it has rounded corners, if you upload an image - a lot sharper corners).


To fully understand it. Does your uploaded image had a background and you want Anytype to remove it or the image you uploaded doesn’t had a background an Anytype added one?

It’s an image with PNG transparent background, but Anytype adds its own frame (white in default theme, black in dark), that’s the one I want to have option to remove :upside_down_face:

Sorry, the image in current one does have a black background (but still has Anytype’s added frame), here’s a better example:

Thanks for the added information. I adjusted the title, so this topic will be easier to be find. Hope, you are ok with it. Otherwise, feel free to adjust, if its not fully matching your requested feature.

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@DragonightFury as there are a few similar or related bug reports and requests, I created this FR:

Would it be OK for you if merge your topic into this one?

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Yeah, i think it’s fine

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

This request isn’t really related to a problem, but when setting icons for pages I noticed that they have an off-white box behind them.

Describe the solution you’d like

Instead of having the off-white background, having a transparent background for the page icons akin to Notion.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Another alternative to this would be to have a toggle to let the user choose whether they want a background to the icon or not.

Additional context