Using Hook instead of storing files in Anytype

At this point, if you drop a file in Anytype it gets saved in Anytype. If you just want to link a file to Anytype you can use [Hook]( Hook makes a link to the file in your finder and you can paste this link into an Anytype document. Perhaps in the future upon dropping a file on a document, you can choose either a linked reference or dropping the file into Anytype.

In the meantime Hook is a great app that makes these links and it can make them all in markdown format. I have no commercial ties to the company, but I am a satisfied user. The developer is very responsive. Highly recommended.


@Haberjr This is interesting! Do you know any alternatives like this for Windows?


@Raphael Unfortunately I don’t. Does a file not have a unique link in the directory that you can call up and use?

@Raphael I think you are looking for

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Another workaround for this would be using chrome to find the link to the file and using that link as a bookmark in anytype.

Steps attached below2021-07-16-09-46-44.mp4


@Haberjr Not really AFAIK :sweat_smile:



This look nice but can you hide the real link and just put a name?

Thank you.

You can use it as an inline link which should make it possible to change the name

Yes, you can hide the link.