Using Collections

Hello, I have been using AT for a while but I haven’t used collections yet. Can I add existing notes to them? Or is it only new objects I can add?

Basically, across my different objects, I have a star rating relation where I use 1 to 5 star emojis to rate things. Can I create a collection that just has all the 5 star objects inside? If so, how? Or have I completely got the wrong idea about Collections?

I’ve done something similar i’ve been using a set defining the relation to a set instead of an object. So in your case, you would set that star rating and then you could make multiple views and change the filter to show what rating you only want to see.
Perhaps collections can make this process easier but the way I’ve understood their use is sets are items grouped by a common thing and collections are grouped by you. Maybe I’m understanding that wrong. I’ve not messed with them too much when they didn’t work the way I was expecting out of the gate and it was just easier to group by relation.

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Yeah I know what you mean. The documentation isn’t much help either. I thought they were like a live query but I’m not sure that’s the case - or if they are, I don’t know how to use them.

I’m also new to AT, so my understanding of collections is probably still very limited, but what helped me understand these better was the graph view.

Sets are a query, you tell the set the rules and it will fetch you ALL the objects in your space that match the rules. And then you can further filter those. But the objects have their “home” (are linked to) elsewhere, they aren’t actually connected to the set.

Collections are a “home”. You manually link objects to them, and you can see that in the graph view. This allows you to add different object types. (And you can also further filter those objects you collected within that collection view).

Now, those objects that “live” in that collection can still be viewed in a set, or linked to other objects of course, but this is what I assume a collection to be for - a basket to hold specific objects you tell it to hold - not by object type or relation etc (like a set would), but by manually assigning it to the collection.

Hope my explanation made sense, and if anyone with more experience has anything to add and/or correct, please. :smiley:

To answer your question, you can add both already existing notes and create new notes in a collection, but you’d have to add them manually. Then you’d use a filter to show the 5 star objects.


Good explanation. I normally describe sets as saved searches, which seems to capture them well.

The team are planning to make significant changes to both sets and collections. We can hope that the changes will make them easier to understand and use


So how do you add existing objects to a collection?

There are different ways.
If you see the Object somewhere, do a right click on it.

But if the Object is open, do a left click on the “three dots menu” in the upper right corner (right beside the triangle).

None of these work. (On a Mac) there is no mention of collections in any of these places.

There should be an entry in the menu:
“Add link to object”

Click it and then choose your Collection.

Got it, thanks