Using Anytype to create a Family Archive

I recently retired after 45 years in the IT world and over the last year have been attempting to develop a secure and easy to use space to house a digital archive of my family’s history going as far as creating a Wikimedia based site. It was then I stumbled upon Anytype through a posting on Medium and after signing up for the Alpha product and then the Nightly beta testing, I was convinced that this is the way to go.
I am about 50% the way through developing what I call my Family Archives, designing and learning as I go, and feel confident that this is what the landing page will generally look like:

It has six main sub-pages that house different object groups.

  • Roots is for ancestry data and is built on a Collection of Family Member Type objects having Relations to other Family Members. Other Relations track generation level and family lineage.
  • The Journey’s page is designed to show timelines of the Family Members as to where they lived.
  • Stories page contains written and verbal stories of them.
  • Archives page will house information of any special items such as properties and art.
  • Photos will be a catalog of photographs related to Family Members and Journeys.
  • Movies will be a catalog of home movies and digitized films.
    I’ve also have a simple page where I’ve been keeping notes on how to use each of the above areas.

I have only sparcely populated the objects but once I feel the design works for me, which is pretty close, I’ll start loading the hundreds of family photos and movies. My ultimate goal is to make this Space available to my family once Anytype opens up the Spaces to have others securely access it.


That’s beautiful. :heart: I love your idea about Journeys and can’t help but think that it would also fit in with an FR of mine. (Map/Location View) As the unofficial photographer of my family, I am also planning to create a family page for future sharing. Will be taking notes from this one!

Thank you so much. I was hoping for the Map/Location View you mentioned combined with an animated timeline so that you can see where everyone was at throughout their history. I know it’s a bit of a stretch but why not?

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How would the animated timeline work? Calendar view & Timeline view topic is currently asking for use cases, you might want to mention yours.

One idea I had was to use the small Person icon associated with a Family Member and show it on a map using the coordinates for the Location that is associated to the person for that particular date on their timeline. There could be a slider selector that would change the date parameter. Originally I pictured a sort of Indian Jones traveling line but that would be unreasonable.

That’s a wonderful project. I’m actually planning on something similar for my family.

Hopefully we will be able to collaborate with others (family members) soon.

Ah, so the animation is for the lines. Yeah, that would be cool. If not possible, then a line to connect relations, at least. My idea is to use a gif icon of a person walking to represent someone who could be traveling. (Another feature to wait for.)

This is so lovely, thank you for sharing this with us!

For sure it will be a great use case to showcase in our open library we gonna to ship this year. @fuksman fyi

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This is so awesome @Jimlaurie! Could I turn this into a post for our social media?

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Wow and thanks. Yes, please do. It is a work in progress and if you need me to explain it better or add some screenshots of the different pages just let me know.

I would love to see some more details about the types you’ve used. Did use in-line sets in a gallery view to create the 6 groups? I don’t want to ask you to go into those sup-pages, if you have private info there. But just some more context on the build, and I will try to turn it into an instructional piece on how others can build it.

Additionally, drop me your handle so I can give you credit!


It looks aesthetically pleasing and well thought out. I am impressed. :eyes:
I will use it as a reference/source if I will create one myself. :nerd_face:
Thank you @Jimlaurie for sharing.

I created different Types so that I could add relations and templates for most of my objects like family members, photos, movies, journeys, etc. I can’t wait for the FR of inheritance to make this much easier to expand on core types.
I did not use the inline set for this page, just the normal placing of the page objects with a Preview Layout of Card although I did try your suggestion in my test area to see if it I could get inline sets to work and after adding a tag relation of Page ID to each of the pages then filtering and sorting on Page ID in the inline set with gallery view it works pretty well (see below) except for the Photos Cover images did not show correctly. If I get that working I may switch (also if I can hide the Set Title and the “All” sub-heading).

I’ll get you some more details on some of the other pages that use inline sets and collections and how easy it was to link the photos, artifacts etc. to the people and places.


Awesome stuff. I would like to see a demo (with non-private information of course). Or a tutorial on how to build this.