Using Anytype Instead of Paperless-ng


I’ve recently started looking into digitizing all my paperwork. House dead, bills, receipts, ect. Currently it seems the go to solution is using Paperless-ng.

So paperless has a ton of features specific to this use case: auto-upload, full text search of pdfs, email integration, machine learning.

Since the whole point of Anytype is to do away with the need for a different program for everything my questions are the following:

  1. Do you think at its currently stage Anytype is read to replace paperless? (No inline Pdfs may be an issue).
  2. How would you go about setting up Anytype to preform this task?
  3. Would you be concerned about losing a plain text copy of your documents if the only copy you keep is in anytype and it’s backups.
  4. Do you think that anytype will be able to do everything paperless does once it leaves beta and the api becomes open?

This is all just a thought experiment for me at this point as I try to figure out how to go forward from here.

I appreciate any thoughts and comments people in the community might have.

Hey, this is also very interesting for me.

  1. For now Paperless has a lot more functions for this task. Of course, its the only use of paperless and Anytype is still in alpha.

  2. I dont know and honestly would wait for APIs and more functions inside Anytype to try to make Anytype a DMS.

  3. All files are locally on your system. So its always a good idea to somehow backup those, because of the alpha stage of the project. You never know what maybe will happen.

  4. When APIs will come available there are a lot more chances, that you can achieve a document management system inside Anytype.
    For now anything has to be done manually or some functions like text recognition etc. arent available. Totally understandable of course.

I would also be very happy to import all my documents to Anytype and make the workflow even better. But imho its just not the time yet and of course these features arent high priority I think. But when the project is open sourcing, then there are a lot more possibilites.

Just my thoughts :smiley:

Hey Thanks for the response.

That’s basically where I had landed.

i’m really looking forward to seeing what Anytype can do in the future.