Use available space to display all values of a relation in Set views

Edited Request

This request was initially only for the list view, but the same issue exists in the Grid view of sets in and mobile version (Android) and it would be great to have a consistent behavior across all views

Attaching images for reference from the android app:

As seen in the image, despite space being available, the tags are being cropped making the available space a waste. It would be great if the column widths could adapt to the available space

Previous Request

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
It is not a problem but more like a quality of life improvement or nice to have feature. In the list view, all relations which take multi values only display two of them along with a label showing how many more are hidden. i.e, if I have 5 tags assigned to a page, in the list view, only 2 of them are displayed along with a +3 sign indicating that there is 3 more of them. This is great if I don’t have anymore space to display the extra tags. But even when there is enough horizontal space available, the tags or other similar multi object values are not displayed

Describe the solution you’d like
It would be great if the list view adapts to the available horizontal space instead of always displaying only two values for each relation

Additional context

The colored rectangles are available free space for each row which can be filled to display the hidden relation values