Usage: photo gallery?


Is Anytype currently a good medium to use for a photo gallery/library? Basically an alternative to Google Photos. Or would it be too slow/crash after a large amount of photo uploads (i.e. 200 GB worth)?

Thank you!!


You can use it as a photo gallery since all your data will be stored on your device, but there is no gallery view yet. Try incrementally adding images for now to check if anytype gets any slower after a certain amount of data. I hope it doesn’t, but even if it does, raise a bug report and the devs would surely love to resolve it

Having set that, once plugin system gets released, a timeline view like the one in photo galleries could also be added i guess , provided the plugin system is robust :grinning:


I don’t think Anytype would make a good large gallery system, at least not yet and not for a while. There are numerous problems with that use case, including very large data usage on any synced device (including mobile), performance issues with large Sets and Tags, limitations in image viewing and meta data, and many other things. In the future it might be a functional use, but for now I would avoid it for sure.

Edit/update: I was just reminded of Slate, which has some similarities to Anytype in its back-end/base tech, but is more focused on file sharing and collections, etc. Looks like a less easy app to setup and host, but it’s open source and has a good gallery model:

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Gotcha, that all makes sense. Thanks guys! I will also have to check out slate :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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