Upgrade from "legacy" to "current" - disk space from 3.3GB to 50MB?


I’ve been running anytype “legacy” (I quote it because now it’s called like that, before it was just called anytype, hint at my frustration) for a while, using it as my main organisational tool. It’s alpha, I’m aware.

On some sunny day a few months ago I decided to upgrade, not knowing anything had changed and that’s where things got confusing.

The upgrade failed, I lost my backgrounds, data got shuffled around in the views I was used to see, the mobile client(s) didn’t sync properly or expired (I’m typing this from memory, it’s been a while).
This made me lose confidence in using anytype as a datastorage solution for my current needs.

I tried to revert, made backups of the files on disk, but since then I haven’t been sure if I lost something, and if so, what I lost.
This is not a good place to be for me.

So this is the mind set, I postponed “fixing” my setup and just stopped using anytype.

I wholeheartedly believe anytype is the future, it’s what we need, it’s great.

I just lost some confidence in the migration path and in the clarity around how things work. One can start looking at the code (if it’s open source already, didn’t check) but life has a lot of distractions don’t need more atm :slight_smile:

To get to the point:
I finally found the courage and energy to try the migration again, my “legacy” copy has 3.3GB of files on disk (I’ve copied them somewhere).

I removed the packages, installed the “legacy” package, put the right directory in my ~/.config and launched it.
It immediately asked me to enter my passphrase and started syncing.
Q: What’s wrong with the file structure on disk?

It finished syncing and things look normal (is it?).
Then restarted it and it prompted me to upgrade, and showed the upgrade steps in the dialog box.
Hint: put info about the format to use for export in that box, don’t let people search for it (it’s not MD, take protobuf or whatever it was, now it might be renamed to “any-block”).

I exported my data (protobuf?) and then installed anytype “current”.
Hint: be clear about versioning, it doesn’t help to stay in the same versioning when doing major breaking upgrades. It seems legacy is called “anytype2” and the newer versions back to “anytype”. Just plain confusing and a recipe for disaster.


~/.config/anytype and ~/.config/anytype2

I might be wrong but it’s confusing to me and I’m a tech person.

I launched anytype (current) and it seems my data is there, it prompts me for a homepage selection, and some other changes in the interface but all I want at this stage is know that my data is there.

Over the year (or years) I’ve been using it I collected a lot of data, and now I want to make sure I didn’t lose it.

So my big question is:

Is my data complete?
My old disk space in use for ~/.config/anytype2 was 3.3GB
My current disk space in use for ~/.config/anytype is 55MB

Where is my data?
What are all those ipfslite dirs, is this a cache of IPFS data?

How can I be at ease?

Overall, be more clear about things please, take into account people are not used to the terminology of developers. Being somewhat of a developer myself, I do the same but it doesn’t help adoption. Kudos.

Thanks for reading. Sorry if it comes across as ranty, I’m a big fan, just a heads up to make this product the #1 platform it can be!!


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Files are downloaded on demand. That’s probably why you only have 55MB at the moment. If they show up in Anytype, they should be synced to the backup node though.

Hi there @beam, I’m sorry to hear about your frustrating experience with the migration :confused:

The reason for the naming issue (Anytype2) is because it’s entirely different software, despite sharing the same name. When Legacy was initially rolled out, it had the name “Legacy”. However it appears it might have reverted back in an update, which does seem to be an oversight.

I assume you installed Beta first this time, and when you installed Legacy again, your system likely added the “2” because there was already an app called “Anytype” present. They are distinguishable by their different colored launcher icons – Legacy is white and silver, while Beta is black and pink. I suggest renaming them yourself, if you feel you need to keep Legacy on your system.

The data architecture differs even between earlier versions of Alpha and Legacy, which required a reorientation on our infrastructure in order for the migrated data to transfer successfully to Beta. This is why you couldn’t simply re-insert your old directory and see everything as it was; it needed to sync properly to the Legacy version first. After that, you could make your protobuf (Anyblock) export and import that into the Beta version.

You’re correct about the recent name change from protobuf to Anyblock. Legacy is no longer maintained, which is why the name change wasn’t applied to it, given that it’s essentially antiquated software at this point.

I understand your concerns about consistency, but these changes were essential to introduce the vastly superior Anysync, along with many other substantial upgrades to how the Anytype system works. Our Anysync docs should help clarify your questions about the role of IPFS: Anysync Docs

Regarding the disparity in your storage, as Filip mentioned, files are currently downloaded on demand, but future versions will offer the option to download everything. For now, opening any object containing a file should sync it to your device.

By the way, Alpha Types were granted additional storage as a reward for their support and participation in the Alpha program. If you share your Account ID from your Beta account, I’ll make sure it’s been applied.

You can find it in the top Help menu under Technical Information: Help > Technical Information > Account ID. If you prefer, you can send your Account ID to [email protected]. Please reference this post so that I can easily identify your message.

We appreciate your kind words, patience with this situation, and ongoing support. It’s a pity you didn’t contact us sooner, but if you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. We’re here to help!


Hi Angelo,

thanks for the clarifications.

I deleted the (debian) packages so can’t verify whether I got confused and the applications were renamed or something else was going on.

Something to pay attention to for others going down the same path.

Thanks a lot for making me feel a bit more confident in the support around migrations, you answered a lot of my concerns and it goes to show that a great product comes with great support and great everything. Kudos to you and the team.

Quality pays off and I’m back into using anytype for my personal trusted system :pray:

It looks like I’m not using the same amout of disk space yet but I haven’t seen anything missing up to know, will let yous know if that’s the case.