Updated Cover "Reposition" Menu

This feature request is minimal and primarily unimportant; the current feature works fine.

Repositioning covers is somewhat inefficient:

  1. Repositioning horizontally or vertically, you cannot actually see what your new cover looks like in relation to the entire image.
  2. When zooming in, the zoom is oriented toward the top left, ergo causing you (in most cases) to reposition the image every time you zoom in or out.
    This is how the current reposition menu works:

A new reposition menu, similar to those used by other services (e.g. Google)

Potentially something like this (or really anything that allows you to see the cropped image in relation to the full image):

Current method honestly works fine, just somewhat inefficient, especially when changing or readjusting many different covers.

Additional Context
Would also be nice for the reposition menu to have options to have some quick-adjustment options: flipping (horizontal/vertical), rotating, allow the image to be zoomed out further than 100%(so that it shows borders), etc.

Sorry if this has already been requested!

Thank you for reading, hope you have an amazing day!

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