Updated Anytype - Can no longer log in


I just updated Anytype and it logged me out of the application.

When I re-launch the application and it tries to log back in I get the error message attached.

If I press back and choose login and use the passphrase, I’ll get to a loading window where it just infinitely loads.

@Cernel1337 Try deleting the working directory of AnyType and relogging in with your passphrase

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@lynxlove Getting the same error. I’m going to request a new account to clear all my Anytype data.

I do have a lot of junk in there so I might as well try that :slight_smile:

@Cernel1337 I can’t speak for the devs, but keep in mind that sometimes being able to troubleshoot issues like this is a useful function of alpha testing. I don’t recall seeing this particular error message before, which is the main reason I mention it.

@Oshyan I finally managed to log back in using the passphrase.

Got the attached error message on the first launch:

After restarting Anytype a couple of times I managed to get to my dashboard, but I am unable to access any of my objects/notes.

I’ve been waiting for about an hour and my dashboard is still the same.

Btw @Oshyan, I did respond to the post “Request new account to clear all Anytype data or in case of lost passphrase” because of this issue. Was wondering how this process works in terms of status on the reset? Or is this still something to be implemented?

When you request a “reset”, you’ll be given a new invite code and totally new account, I believe. It’s a manual process, so if you haven’t received an email response yet, then the staff haven’t been able to get to it yet. But should be processed through soon.

@Cernel1337 Hi! We have fixed this, see in the next release

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@Cernel1337 Wanna add some info on this issue. The reason this error has happened on your account is that you have a lot of outgoing links from objects. We have the object reindex process that happens between some releases and it wasn’t able to process all of your links.

Thanks again for reporting and sorry for the trouble :slight_smile:

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