Update status when task is completed

It would be cool to be able to automatically update objects with the “Action” layout when they are checked off. The most obvious case being changing the status to “done” or something like that when the talk is checked off, but I’m sure people could come up with all kinds of other interesting uses for a feature like this, basically being able to hook into the “action checked off” event.


I love this idea! It would probably be something for a plugin for when the API is released, but something like a NodeRed integration to run your own automatic workflow when something changes in (a Relation of) an Object would be awesome.

There is a checkbox relation called “Done” which is set when the Action object is checked off. You can currently use it in a set to filter tasks that are either completed or not completed

I think what @kira means (but correct me if I’m wrong!) is that you can trigger actions based on a change in the Done status, for example update the “Status” relation to another value.

Do you mean there is a relation called “Done” that automatically changes when the Action object is checked off? Which version are you using? I don’t have any relation called “Done”. This sounds useful though!


The Done relation is the very first column in the Set (the checkbox). You can use it in a filter:)

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Ah ok interesting. That might be really useful once inline sets are available! Right now I don’t use the all task view for anything, I have tasks inline in context with other notes.

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