UPDATE: Forum maintenance is finished for the time being

:zap: Great news! We solved the image loading problem and profile pics are working again! :dancer::mirror_ball::man_dancing:

UPDATE: Maintenance is complete for the time being, normal activity can be resumed. :green_circle:

Forum maintenance continues from 20:00 GMT +1 until further notice :hammer_and_wrench:

:vertical_traffic_light: Activity on the forums may be resumed as usual for the time being .:green_circle:

We did not manage to solve the issue this round but we were able to further trouble-shoot the problem and have a better understanding of the cause.

We will continue our work around the same time today and notify everyone once again. :raised_hands:

Dear Community,

:warning: Please note that today we’ll be experiencing server downtime here on the Community Forum beginning from 22:00Uhr GMT+1.

The Anytype software nor any other community channels will be affected.

This is a scheduled maintenance to address the image loading problem many of you have probably observed. :ambulance:

We recommend to wait until further notice to post new topics or comments, as uploads attempted during the maintenance may not survive the rollback. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thanks for your patience and hopefully soon we’ll have shiny custom avatars next to our displaynames! :man_superhero::woman_supervillain:


I always wondered why my profile picture wouldn’t load. Thank you!

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Hell YEAH :man_surfing:

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