Unusable Community in dark mode


A community in a dark theme has an unusable homepage.


  1. Set up dark mode on your device
  2. Open Community
    2.1. Open Preferences
    2.2. Select Interface
    2.3. Choose one of dark themes (not Same as regular)
  3. Open homepage of Community.


Pages displays correctly in dark mode


  • OS:
    Windows 11 22H2 Build 25295.1000
    Android 13
  • Device:
    Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro i5 (2019)
    Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S8



Hey @PavloUA

Yeah, this is a known issue with Discourse (our software), the premade dark mode is rubbish. Our forum theme is customized and what you’re showing was part of a different one from what we have currently. It had been disabled because, as you pointed out, it looks wacky and the text isn’t readable.

This is on my agenda, but keep in mind that there is currently no design staff dedicated solely to the forum. So any changes here (CSS and color palette selection) literally take time away from work on Anytype itself…just mentioning why it might be a low priority. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


I understand that bugs in Anytype like this one have the highest priority :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe, smbd will try to search any information about dark mode in Community — he’ll find that using will not be usable right now. And, thanks for ur answer, another user will know that Dark mode to Community coming when Anytype will be more stable & feature-packed, than Alpha :wink:


I can’t find the option to switch themes, am I looking in the wrong place? I’ve searched all of the preferences and still can’t find it.

Perhaps, Anytype Team provide new rule — we can’t switch theme right now (due to unusable dark mode).

As mentioned earlier, when dark mode will be usable — we’ll get access to change theme :slight_smile:

As @PavloUA mentions, you might be stuck in dark mode as it does not seem to be an option (anymore) to change the theme. @Angelo is there some we way can force a light mode?

Dark mode was already disabled, and no one has the option to change themes currently.

@SunnyC did you change it at some point in the past?

Please try this and report back:

  • Enable Light-mode (Disable Dark-mode) in your device settings
  • Clear your browser cache / cookies, etc.
  • Refresh Community Page

Yes, I changed it a while ago, can’t remember exactly how long ago.

While logged out after clearing cache and such, the community page was showing in light mode. But when I logged in to my account it turned dark mode again.

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Ok @SunnyC everything should be normal now! :sun_with_face:

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