Unknown Untitled sets in "Set" type page

After entering the “Set” type from the store, I found that there are three Untitled sets that were not created by me and cannot be edited. After clicking on them, I found that they seem to be sets of all “Type”, “relation” and “Template” objects. I don’t know if these three sets are bugs or unfinished function pages.

See the screenshots below:


maybe related to, i think:


@Michael I checked the Relations page from the store and I didn’t find the one you encountered.



@michaellw Would be great if they merge the two relations set into one and name them Relations and rename the set of Types as Types maybe. Or instead just hide the built-in sets from getting displayed at all

Edit: Just checked and the sets have name in mine

Would still love the Relations sets to be merged into one :sweat_smile:

@Michael Strange indeed, I don’t have those relations as well. Are they custom relations you created?

@Michael @lynxlove I guess the store function has not yet been finalized. The “Marketplace” and “Library” pages should be under development, currently they are the same.

@lynxlove In my case, these three sets are “Type”, “Relation” and “Template” objects, but yours are two “Relations” and “Type”.

@michaellw Thank you for your notice! It has been added to the bug tracker

@michaellw Is this still a problem?