'Unknown Type' for all pages in the home screen.

Describe the bug

Sometimes when i start the android app, all my ‘pages’ showing ‘Unknown Type’

To Reproduce

I dont know how.

Expected behavior

The ‘page’ should be have the right type.

** Android **

  • Version 0.2.6 (0.15.30)

Additional context

  • Happens in all tabs (Recenct, Favorites, …)
  • Happens only in the home screen.

. I can normal work with the pages.

  • Sometimes also the ‘Set’ tab dissapear.
  • After a restart all is ok.

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Additional: When this happens, the app needs a little bit longer to start.

Thank you, @Michael

We will check this out one more time

@Michael This used to happen to me as well in the older versions of the anytype app at random app openings. And just like you, a restart of the app would fix it for me as well. However, this is not reproducing for me since the last few updates, Is it still the same for you?