Universal search filtering only objects with ONLY the string typed

Dont know if this is meant to work this way or not, but whenever i search for a specific word or more accurately a line like," what is ring opening polymerization" the search shows results of objects that contain words “what” or “is” or “ring” or “polymerization” too, and thus it gets difficult to look up for the needed object with the exact string typed. Please provide some filters or if we write a specific line, show results with that exact line on the top of the result and then show other results. Also, try to show the specific line in that object too like in notion, with bold letters. In short, do it like notion, its way more accurate and precise and detailed with filters too!


Hi @Ishaan, we have bombarded some of the topics that cover a general idea or concept as a “meta topic”. I don’t think there is a meta topic for search yet, so there you go! I’ve added the meta tag with the idea (and hope) that we can link other topics that have more specific suggestions for improvements for search.

Edit: with the edited title this for me no longer qualifies as a meta topic.

@Ishaan Please check out this request

Is that what you mean?

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Thats definitely what im looking forward for too, i want the content of the objects to be highlited and visually shown too. But my extra feature request is that if we write a string like " this was pretty good", i want the object containing the exact same line eith all the words in perfect order to be shown ONLY, or maybe that can be added through a filter, because right now it shows alll the objects either containing was or this or pretty or good, which makes it difficult to search for the object we are looking for.

Okay. I then would recommend to upvote the linked request and edit your request to ask for this specific feature.

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I think it was confirmed in the town hall that search will get a content preview but I agree that it should contain more precise data (line number + filters!).