Unable to sign in to the new iOS version (0.23.3)


I downloaded the new app from the Apple App Store. When I open it, I get the option to “Join” or “Log In”.

I choose Log In and then add my recovery phrase - copied from the existing app, and i get the message “Select account error”.
I try to scan the QR code from the Mac app, and get the black screen with the glowing edges, which just sits there forever - I left it running all day, and nothing happened - no (error) message, no activity.


The bug explaination above says what to do! :slightly_smiling_face:


I would expect it to move my account and settings to the new app. Is this incorrect?


iPhone 13 Pro
Version: 16.5.1 (c)

  • Anytype Version:

This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

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Hello Matty,

Thank you for the reporting!
Does the latest (or any other) testflight version work for you? Can you please provide some tech info?

You should go to the Personal Space / About / Tap on Tech info in the bottom of the screen.
It will be copied - please send it to me on the email joe_pusya@anytype.io

Thank you in advance,

HI Anna,

I have this one instlled on my iPhone which seems to be working fine:

App Version 0,21,0
Build number 36
LIbrary v0.25.0

Which app do I do the technical steps you requested, please? I don’t see where to do that on the current app, and the new app won’t let me go anywhere past the initial log on/join screen


If you are logged in under the same user in version 0.21.0, it suits for us!
Let me show you screen instructions:

OK, what you’re showing doesn’t look anything like my iPhone - on which there is the problem… I can’t see any of what you’ve shown…

This is my app homescreen:

Ok, I see)
Please go to the Settings / About. Do you have tech info in the bottom?

No, I only have:

App Version: 0.21.0
Build Number: 36
Library: v0.25.0

I wasn’t sure I should share that string?

I’ve emailed you the string… :slight_smile:

Please send me this info including UserId to my email joe_pusya@anytype.io
Don’t worry, this is just technical info, we cannot access your personal information through this :heart:

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Done, thank you! Sorry to have made this conversation so painful!

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Got it, thanks! Everything is fine!
I’ll be back when we see what the problem is )

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Just launched the new version this evening to see, on the off-chance I’d anything had changed, and it’s in the process of loading in all my data!!! :star_struck::tada:

Had you done anything?! :thinking:

We updated the middle version in the latest release 0.23.4, they fixed some problems with the configuration of nodes - it could help.
I’m glad that the problem was solved, if something goes wrong - fill free to ask!

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Thank you for your help, and for being so responsive! :hugs:

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This issue has been fixed by the Development Team and will be implemented in an upcoming release.