Unable to sign in from Android 13 device, Anytype v0.26.26

Detail what the bug does or prevents from doing:

After reinstalling the app on one of my Android devices and entering my passphrase or QR code, the app keeps showing “Entering the Void…” and I cannot sign in to my Anytype account.

Outline the steps needed to reproduce the behavior in sequence:

  1. Install the app v0.26.26 from Play Store or Anytype.io.
  2. Open the app.
  3. Try to sign in to an existing account.

Describe what you expected to happen:

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I have Anytype installed on a Windows PC and two Android devices. After the last Android update, my Android 13 device seemed unable to sync some images I had recently added on desktop. I cleared cache & data, deleted the app, downloaded it again from Play Store, reinstalled it and then encountered this issue.
Repeating the process with the Universal app or using the Android device as hotspot for my PC did not make any difference.
I created a new account from the Android app just to be able to copy the tech info. Switching accounts (log out of new account - sign in to old account) and changing the Android system language to English (to rule out any localization bug) did not work either.
On my other Android 11 device, my account is working as expected: images and data are syncing with desktop in no time. In this device, however, the app version is 0.26.20. Given the current issue, I am hesitant to update this device to 0.26.26, but will do if asked for testing purposes

ᅟProvide your setup info:

  • Device:
    Poco X3 Pro

  • OS:
    Android 13 - MIUI Global 14.0.3

  • Anytype Version:

  • Technical Information:
    Desktop: Top Menu > Help > Tech Info´

    Device: ASUS-Maira
    OS version: win32 x64 10.0.22631
    App version: 0.36.0
    Build number: build on 2023-11-20 20:38:18 +0000 UTC from at
    Library version: v0.29.16
    Account ID: A7rGUttJAFgjCmGkcd3c19A91mGBMR5L8SZ5rrbW9pigZugp
    Analytics ID: AAVBkxDnpWYFRhjLDh6wL6H2f3Lzm43x6FyvhqDkY5hzKf5o
    Device ID: A5oCMyXb2ZYxgRUtKycosDGncLLAUEsRMXe8y3L62fCvDdh7

Mobile: Profile > About > Tech info

Account not working (from a new “testing” account):

Dispositivo: M2102J20SG Xiaomi
Android version: 33
App version: 0.26.26
Build number: 2626
Library version: 0.29.16
Account ID: AAWpRSpYXQK28XJwoAirAPVTVn7CqLgWfEHVgnkQ2ot4m2SG
Device ID: AAXfSX5gjLXVuC87vfwTiRMpqGhQamQNaHS15v9jwRgufzmq
Análisis ID: 100f7e24-497f-4521-a4cd-27ccaa99c127

Account working:

Device: NoteAir2P ONYX
Android version: 30
App version: 0.26.20
Build number: 2620
Library version: 0.29.16
Account ID: A7rGUttJAFgjCmGkcd3c19A91mGBMR5L8SZ5rrbW9pigZugp
Device ID: A9uRm5PtHWhjMdMFSxRvLWyk2uiQ4vKsabqPhKmHvN7v1EXk
Analytics ID: AAVBkxDnpWYFRhjLDh6wL6H2f3Lzm43x6FyvhqDkY5hzKf5o

AnySync Netcheck
GoOS: windows
Kernel: windows
Core: unknown
Platform: unknown
OS: windows
Hostname: ASUS-Maira
CPUs: 12
2023-11-25T16:11:58.270+0100 INFO common.net.secure secure service init {“peerId”: “12D3KooWAKhWWnuQvJcXjGtjo1d8NruMcuseboXqoX7Pkis5TUev”}
2023-11-25T16:11:58.528+0100 INFO netcheck success {“addr”: “prod-any-sync-coordinator1.toolpad.org:443”, “ip”: “”, “dur”: “244.9402ms”}
2023-11-25T16:11:58.739+0100 INFO netcheck success {“addr”: “prod-any-sync-coordinator1.toolpad.org:1443”, “ip”: “”, “dur”: “209.7748ms”}
2023-11-25T16:11:58.922+0100 INFO netcheck success {“addr”: “prod-any-sync-coordinator1.toolpad.org:5430”, “ip”: “quic://”, “dur”: “183.6888ms”}

I managed to solve this issue in a rather convoluted way that I am posting here in case anyone finds the same issue:

  1. Clean uninstall of v0.26.26.
  2. Install v0.26.20 from GitHub.
  3. Successful sing in on Android.
  4. Most objects, types, relations and sets missing in Android app (but fine on other devices).
  5. Dirty uninstall (without clearing cache or data).
  6. Install v0.26.26 from Play Store.
  7. Successful sign in on Android, finally!!!
  8. All objects, types etc. are showing. Just one random “Error loading image” in a page.
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