Unable to log in to the client again

Hi, :I encountered some problems today. I logged in to anytype with an invitation code this morning, but my computer didn’t work today. I ran into some problems, so I used timemachine to recover the data. Unfortunately, when I reopened anytype, anytype asked me to re register, but my original invitation code was invalid. I don’t know what to do (no important data is saved in anytype, Just a document for testing)

This may have been taken care of by now, or Enda may already have it in his queue. But if not, and for anyone else who has this issue, you need to be aware that the invitation code is “converted” into the mnemonic passphrase, which Anytype displays to you and tells you to keep in a safe place. Once this “conversion” happens, your invite code no longer works. If you lose your passphrase, you will need to request a new invite code. So be sure to write down your passphrase during the signup process!

Oh,I’m sorry that I didn’t record the passphrase,can I request another invite code please?