Unable to dowload Anytype

I’ve tried a number of times to download Anytype and keep getting message: “Anytype Steup 0.31.0.exe isn’t commonly downloaded. Make sure you trust Anytype Setup 0.31.0.exe”

I have followed the Microsoft instructions to indicate that I trust Anytype Setup, but nothing happens. No message from Microsoft and I remain unable to download the software.

Windows 10
Norton 360 anti-virus
Chrome browser
Is there a solution to this download problem?

Ken Whipple

no problem for me when downloading from https://download.anytype.io/

See this similar issue:

Of course, you should only download and install stuff from the internet if you trust the source. I trust the Anytype team to not have packaged backdoors or Trojans, but you have to make that decision for yourself.

Can you share print screens of the step where you have to click to trust Anytype as a publisher? Sometimes the right buttons to click are hidden quite well…

We have seen similar responses. With an up to date Defender Anytype shouldn’t be blocked anymore. Therefore I will close the topic. Please flag the topic if the issue is still there for you.