Unable to delete this note

Describe the bug
Unable to delete this note

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a note
  2. No move to bin option in the menu bar
  3. Only this note is like this

Expected behavior
Unable to delete this note

System Information:

  • OS:macos Monterey 12.1
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: Macbook Air M1
  • Anytype Version: 0.23.0

Additional context

@chensida1983 Hi! Did you create object from a set or use another way?

I create object from another way

and I can’t change the type of it

@chensida1983 please, make tree diagnostic and sent me file that you will get
Снимок экрана 2022-01-18 в 16.20.48

Hey @chensida1983,
this seems to be related to this one:

Would you be okay, to merge your inital post to this topic?