Ubuntu 20.04.4 Light Mode has cursor highlighting issues in AppImage

Have had a small issue using Light mode in my AnyType instance.

Describe the bug
When using light mode, whatever your hovering over with your cursor or with arrow keys does not properly highlight gray so that you are able to tell what you are looking at or navigate options.

To Reproduce

  1. Turn on light mode.
  2. Navigate to any object and attempt to use a / option or create a tag.

Expected behavior
I would have expected to be able to see which setting or option I am hovering over thinking it would be highlighted gray.

System Information:

  • OS: Ubuntu 20.04.4
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: Custom Build
  • Anytype Version: 0.25.0

Additional context
Its a relatively minor issue, I’ve generally just used dark mode and that avoids the problem. I’ve checked both my Windows and Mac instance and I do not have the issue. I use my Ubuntu OS the most, and for whatever reason it continues to occur.

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Hi @Jigidy, thanks for taking the time to report this issue and fill out all the requested info! Wold you be able to add a print screen to your post? This helps with making sure the devs understand the issue properly :slight_smile: .

Hi @sambouwer I have figured it out and it ended up being a monitor issue. My mistake, hopefully I haven’t wasted your time or anyone elses! Thanks!

No problem, thanks for the quick feedback! I’m marking this one as solved :slight_smile: .

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