Types & Relations. General Feedback

I just wanted to post some general feedback on here that doesn’t relate to a particular issue.


I’m on my day off and I’ve spent the day playing arround with the update.

There are many quirks to work out sure, but damn : you’ve done an incredible job so far => keep it up !


Honestly I was planning to make a post like this too. The update has been incredible so far! Not only been fun to play around and use the new functionality, but with every feature I use there seem to be so many use cases and ways that it can be utilised and built on to make something amazing! This update has really provided an insight into what AnyType could do and it seems like a great foundation to build that on. Really looking forward to seeing where this goes!! Great work guys


As someone who loves strongly typed programming languages, I find this update massively useful in terms of functionality, structure, and efficiency. @bskinner nailed it when mentioning the many use cases, but expanding on that, this is not only useful for Anytype the application, but also from a perspective of information storage going forward. There is massive potential for applications interfacing with this type of information storage (I am just imagining the construction of a contacts app which interfaces with a contacts object set). I’ve also been impressed by the rather refined state it has ended up in our hands, its impressive.

Excellent work from all of you at @anytype!

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