Types in different Sets

I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the workflow philosophy and I’m going to try to describe my problem.

I’ve got two Sets: Contacts and Meeting Notes. I have different Types of meetings, and I’ve made a Type called Groups that let’s me select the different group that the meeting notes are for. In this example, the Group is “Coaches.”

I also have that Contacts set. I’d like to link the Contacts who are Coaches to that same Type “Coaches” that’s in my Meeting Notes set. This would let me pull up “Coaches” and then see a list of both Meeting Notes and Contacts (and possibly Events or even Projects). But I can’t figure out how to link Contacts to the same “Coaches” group as the Meeting Notes.

Am I missing a way to do that? Or am I misunderstanding how Anytype handles these things?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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If I understand correctly you want a two-way relation. When you add a coaches to a meeting note of contact that you can see that Coaches in the meeting note and contact as well.

This is not (yet) in the current version of Anytype.

You would have to manually add the coaches to both meeting notes and contact. As well as add the meeting notes and contact to coaches.

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That is what I was thinking. Bummer that it can’t happen yet. Maybe someday!