Types and relations marked as locked can be removed and cause problem

Just got my invitation code and play around with it, and yes very quickly I messed up quite a lot things that I didn’t know how to fix, so I tried to clean up the repository and yes again this time I totally messed it up :smile:

During the process, I found that by selecting things in the Recent tab on Home screen and click ‘Move to bin’, I can remove all the types and relations, including the ones that marked as locked that prevent you from removal in the Library panel.

This will cause problem because you cannot actually delete these from the Bin, nor add them back from Library(click the + beside them but nothing happened), you may restore them from Bin, but almost all the relations are missing.

Giving I’m having very little experience on using Anytype so far, really not sure if this was a bug or I just had some very bad operations.

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This is probably a bug. I don’t think you’re supposed to be able to delete them.

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Thanks for reporting @seanfy and welcome to the Community!

We added it our internal issue tracker :raised_hands: