Two finger swipe on Trackpad for navigation | Mac OS

Describe the solution you’d like

While inside a page swiping with two fingers on a Mac should act as going back or forward one page.

It would provide quicker navigation between pages and saves time for users as they don’t have to move the cursor over to the buttons in the top left corner.

Could also be considered an optional feature you turn on/off in the settings.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Most internet browsers and some other applications offer this feature.


I second this! This helps to make navigation to and fro pages much easier, and I see it as a potential common use in my use of the desktop app.

I think it should be considered an optional feature, so that those who do not prefer it can disable it at any time. I think that there should also be some form of configuration for sensitivity — for example, perhaps only allowing it to be enabled when the cursor is close to the respective side of the screen.