Two devices not in sync


I created a few pages on my PC (Linux) for testing Anytype. Then maybe 2 weeks later I installed it on my second device (Linux) and logged in. Only 2 of my 10 pages are synced two the second device.

Am I doing something wrong?

If I click on the sites on the main device it shows “synced”.

Thank you in advance

Edit: Just tested, that when I edit one of the two already synced on the main device it got synced two the second one.


These are the sync logs.

Thank you for sharing report. We will investigate this and will come back with a solution!

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I would really like to use Anytype. But without sync it doesnt make sense for me.

Is there a way, that I can help?

Both devices are in the same network, with same Linux distro.

Edit: Since i havent done that much I also could start new, if that is helping.

Im feeling completely dumb. I expected that the Dashboard should look the same on both Endpoints and thought, it wouldnt sync. Searching and linking showed me, that the notes are available.

I’m very sorry for the time you may have invested. :sweat_smile:

@kEbZeCK everything is ok. Can you check if the favourites tab on both devices are similar to each other?

They aren’t.

Had a draft on device A and “restored” it from archive. The archive part doesnt seem to be synced.

On device A = 1 page in archive. On device B = 6 (One of them is the restored and marked as favourite on A).

The content is instantly synced. But the “archive” status doesnt seem to be. Different Sites in “archive” on both devices. Also “restore form archive” on device B doesnt change anything. On Device A it works.

The archive part is buggy right now, we are working on it.

It’s not a sync issue anymore, and the archive will be patched in the next releases

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Sounds great. :+1: