Trying to join Alpha

Hi, I’ve signed up for the Alpha and my schedule (I work at a trainyard) does not allow me to show up at the designated onboarding time. I’ve sent an email as directed in the welcome email, saying that I’m comfortable with an in-app onboarding experience, but have not yet received any information on joining. I would be eager to participate in testing and development! I have experience in R development, among other environments, and would be glad to learn golang to contribute to this project.


@liz welcome to the forum! Did you by any chance send an email in the past week or so? If so, you can expect a reply in the coming days as the team was off for the holidays. If you sent the email (a lot) earlier, could you please share the emails address you sent it to?


Hi @liz thanks for your interest in Anytype!

I’ve sent your invite, you can find it in your DMs here or your email inbox :slight_smile:

You can sign up to contribute with this form.

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thank you! now figuring out how to set up account on iOS

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