Hello, I’m excited to use AnyType, but once downloading here Chrome/Windows I’m receiving the following alert:


Can someone help me to tell why this is happening?



Upvoted, I’m having the same issue!

I trust your company, and am okay with installing unsigned software, but this alert seems pretty specific to me, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable installing this Windows version unless you can provide a version that doesn’t trigger or this, or if it’s a false positive, explain specifically why it’s being triggered.

Thanks for the onboarding session, it was informative and I look forward to trying your product once I feel comfortable doing so!


Yep, i have passed the intaller through virustotal and no threats have been detectet but that warning is still concerning


Yep same here, I can’t actually install because the exe file is deleted within seconds

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Update, i passed it through Kapersky portal and it warns about another trojan

Can anybody from the staff give any explanation about that?


It’s a false flag because our software isn’t certified yet by Windows, it’s in process now.

You can use Microsoft Safety Scanner (Microsoft Safety Scanner Download | Microsoft Learn) which will do a better analysis.

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Hi Angelo, thank you for your quick answer.

But isn’t expected a message like this?

Sorry for my insistence, I’m not a “security” expert. I’m only concerned, because recently I installed two other beta software, but I received only the screen above.

I believe in your company and your proposal … this why I’m here.
But will help us if the support team give us more details.

Thanks a lot,

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Thanks. I ran that program and Microsoft Safety Scanner detected no threats.

I don’t think this issue is entirely related to sofware certification. Software certification explains the message that this is from an unrecognized app developer, but it wouldn’t explain why multiple sources are labelling this as a Trojan and blocking/deleting the setup file outright.

Is this related to the P2P aspects of the program? Can you or someone else from Anytype help explain the technical details of why the program might be being conflated with the Win32/Wacatac.H!ml trojan?

In general, it seems like people will have to disable Windows Defender’s Real-time protection in order to allow Chrome to download the file at all, and to allow Windows to install.

I’ve gone ahead and done that, but many users may not feel comfortable doing so. Hope you can get this resolved swiftly!


If you click “More info”, it will allow you to “Run anyway”. It goes without saying that you should only do this if you trust the developer and understand and are comfortable with the risk!


Hi rossdoran, thank you … but the image used before was only as an example of what I was expecting to receive, once the software isn’t certified yet, not a trojan’s alert. I haven’t installed Anytype on my computer yet.

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Yeah, its likely related to p2p. Updating Windows Defender to the latest version fixes this.

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